The State
[Image: oZlYGa9.png]

The State of California covers a massive amount of land, and hundreds of state government agencies, too many to list, handle every facet of day to day life in California. Some of the state agencies you may encounter in your day to day life include:

  • California Highway Patrol. More than just road pirates that harass interstate motorists, CHP is the much-loathed state police agency. Second in authority only to the Governor and the Attorney General in state matters, CHP officers are well trained, well armed, and more than happy to put you in front of a judge... if they don't "prosecute" you themselves.
  • Office of the Attorney General. Agents from the OAG have been assigned to oversee police activity in the rougher parts of San Diego, as well as other major cities. They are a layer above a given department's own internal affairs bureau and can frequently be seen monitoring officers in the field.
  • Department of Housing and Community Development. CDHCD manages most of the Section 8 housing in the state; anyone below the poverty line has to deal with this agency often. If you can even get assigned housing, agents from CDHCD can search your place at any time, for any reason, with no advance warning, to make sure you're following the rules.
  • Labor & Workforce Development Agency. CLWDA frequently offers redundant manual labor to unemployed citizens. It doesn't pay well and the work can be backbreaking, but at least it's an income. If you ask the right questions, certain officials in CLWDA can point you toward more 'interesting' work. All endorsed by Uncle Sam, of course.

There are hundreds of other agencies that may pop up from time to time, and new ones are forming all the time. Some agencies are openly corrupt, redundant, or otherwise unnecessary. Others are critical to keeping society together.