The Fed
[Image: TtX9nOl.gif]

Many federal agencies operate in California. Federal interference is a fact of life and the Constitution is just a cute idea from years past. Some of the agencies you'll rub shoulders with include:

  • The FBI. Found wherever organized crime takes root, FBI agents can be anywhere and anyone. Hell, even you could be an FBI agent. This agency is very well funded and no state agency dares to get in their way.
  • The IRS. These guys aren't fucking around - pay your taxes when the tax man comes unless you want to meet them. IRS agents have been known to hire private contractors to bolster their operations.
  • The ATF. Always hot on the FBI's heels, the ATF is a specialist bureau with a focus on enforcing federal firearms laws. San Diego is a major hotbed for the arms trade and the ATF maintains several offices across the city's many layers, so be careful who you flash that short-barreled rifle at. Someone might shoot your dog.
  • The CIA. Rumor has it, the CIA has been up to some unethical tricks in the bowels of San Diego. But that's just a rumor. Right?
  • The ICE. Responsible for enforcing United States immigration laws, ICE is an infamously unscrupulous operator with a knack for rooting out illegal aliens. Even if they're citizens.
  • Life Promise Initiative Cohesion Office. Rules about cortical stacks and sleeves are in no short supply, and the LPICO was established to make sure they're followed. It's easy enough to avoid their attention, but anyone dealing in flesh should always keep one eye open, because the UN-backed LPICO operates outside of the traditional separation of powers. If they catch a sleeve-jacker, it's straight to the International Criminal Court for him.
These agencies and more are always looking for new ways to spice up life in San Diego's underworld. Dealing with them can be nerve-wracking and often extremely perilous.