Server Rules
Here's a list of things you shouldn't do. Due to the complexity of interactions on a roleplaying server, this list is not all inclusive, nor does it cover possible exceptions under specific circumstances. Use common sense.
  • Metagaming - the use of information your character does not have legitimate knowledge of to guide your in-character actions - will not be tolerated.
  • Powergaming - dictating another character's actions to benefit your own - will not be tolerated.
  • Random deathmatch (RDM) will not be tolerated. Use of SWEPs to kill other players (S2K) must be agreed to by both parties.
  • An item in your inventory is in your character's possession.
  • The use of clientside scripts (ESPs, aimbots, etc.) is not acceptable and will result in an unappealable ban.
  • Flaming, harassing, doxing, and so forth will not be tolerated. Remember there's a human on the other end.
  • Cybering/ERP on-server, even through PMs, will not be tolerated and will probably be mocked.
  • PAC is a privilege, not a right, and misusing or overusing it will cause it to be taken away at an administrator's discretion.
  • A roleplayed death involving the destruction of a character's cortical stack will always be enforced as an appealable PK. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of supervising administrators.
  • Taking all of someone's items and then killing them to escape consequences might seem like the perfect crime, but it will get you banned.
  • Everyone types at a different pace, but nobody types faster than shift+w. Respect timescale - if traveling to a roleplay scenario from another part of the map, remember that roleplay does not unfold in real-time. This generally doesn't matter for passive roleplay scenarios, but is very important when characters have reason to be in a hurry IC.
Some types of character are restricted. If in doubt, ask an administrator or apply on the forums. Here are some examples.
  • Characters far outside of the range of normalcy in terms of height, strength, etc - 160 cm (5'3") and 196 cm (6'5") are the upper and lower limits for height - must be applied for.
  • Stereotypes & parodies - yes we are aware that real people can sometimes fulfill stereotypes & no you will probably not be punished if you represent a stereotype tastefully.
  • Heavily augmented characters are a no-no without applications or in-character progression to that point.
  • Children. Don't.
This is not an exhaustive list. Use common sense.
A note about PAC;

PAC is provided to improve your experience by helping you visualize your character. If your use of it hampers other players' ability to play or take the server seriously, it will be taken away permanently. Don't stream large models - large model downloading has been proven to crash many people and is a serious contributor to server instability.

If you want a custom model on the server, talk to me about getting it added to the server properly.